Luxury Extended Stay - AKA LIVEIT Lifestyle Program

Sunset Ranch

A new feature of the AKA Live It Program.  Residents of AKA Beverly Hills can take a guided Los Angeles horseback-riding trip through the Hollywood Hills with Sunset Ranch. 
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Don't just visit – Live It!

Live your dream. Have you longed to expertly pair wines with each course at dinner? Would you like to prepare a chocolate soufflé to rival those of top pastry chefs? Do you want to photograph street scenes worthy of being hung in your home? Have you dreamed of learning to dance the tango? Do you want to train to complete a triathlon? How about getting a sound, undisturbed eight hours of sleep?

AKA residents often stay for two weeks to three months, allowing them time to feel part of the city in which they are living, to explore all that that particular city has to offer. This is a unique opportunity to learn new skills and develop new talents away from the distraction of home in cities ripe with exciting opportunities. The brain child of AKA president, Larry Korman, LIVE IT! was designed to encourage people who thirst for new experiences to pursue their ambitions and dreams.

Imagine the surprise and delight upon returning home when you can flaunt your newfound talent to friends and family! We have partnered with world-class educators such as The Museum of Modern Art, Acker Merrall Condit, the world's oldest and finest wine store, and Amie Hoff of Hoff Fitness, among others so that you can take full advantage of the time spent at any of our locations.

To truly experience, renew, or reinvigorate your life at any AKA luxury extended stay location, call AKA now at 888-AKA-9190 (888-252-9190) or email, and tell us the dream that you would like to live.