Sunset Ranch

A new feature of the AKA Live It Program.  Residents of AKA Beverly Hills can take a guided horseback-riding trip through the Hollywood Hills with Sunset Ranch. 
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Amie Hoff Fitness (AKA NYC)
Has it always been your dream to run a marathon? Have you been putting off that exercise plan you always think about long enough? AKA stands for living well, and health and fitness are an integral component of the LIVE IT! program.

AKA is proud to partner with Amie Hoff, an in-demand New York City based fitness professional dedicated to bettering the lives of people around the world. Amie has appeared in numerous magazines and TV shows, and is known internationally as a fitness and wellness expert. Through her company, Hoff Fitness, Amie offers a wide range of programs aimed at achieving personal health, both physically and mentally. Amie is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is trained in pre/post natal, eating disorders, sports specific training, facilitated stretching and CPR/first aid.

If you are a planning a long term stay with AKA, seize the opportunity to fulfill your fitness dreams by taking advantage of AKA’s exclusive partnership with Amie Hoff. AKA guest service associates would be delighted to schedule a personal consultation with Amie, and get you on your way to achieving your wellness goals.

Physique 57 (AKA NYC, AKA Beverly Hills)
AKA is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Physique 57 for residents who are looking to get toned close to their AKA homes in New York City and Beverly Hills. Physiques 57’s unique group classes are a great complement to the existing fitness program at, AKA’s on site fitness centers.

Physique 57 offers a unique and innovative workout program designed to systematically sculpt and lengthen muscles to create a beautiful, lean body. Praised by press and regulars alike for its rapid results, the signature full body barre-based workout blends intervals of cardio, strength training, and stretching to sculpt your arms, thighs, seat and abs and build gorgeous, long lean muscle. As fun as it is rigorous, Physique 57’s choreography, energizing music, personalized coaching and motivating class community, actually make you look forward to working out. Every class, whether it be a beginner class or advanced, will inspire you to reach your full potential.

AKA residents also enjoy a special gift from Physique 57 with the purchase of 3 classes or more.