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When it is convenient, AKA University City recommends that residents let us plan for their arrival as early as possible. The best Center City Philadelphia restaurant reservations, hottest tickets and services are assured when we can arrange them in advance of your stay.


1   Drexel University  A private research university founded in 1891, Drexel is consistently ranked among the top 100 schools in the nation, and offers a robust and lively campus located in dynamic University City along with a vast array of academic fields to choose from.

2   Penn Park   Spacious Penn Park, maintained by the University of Pennsylvania, features 24 acres of contiguous open space that includes athletic and recreational facilities open to all. Proceeding south from Walnut Street; the Park contains Ace Adams field and Dunning-Cohen Champions field, both multipurpose NCAA regulation athletic fields; a 470- seat multipurpose stadium that is also an NCAA regulation women’s softball field; and 12 tennis courts. Between these facilities are pathways, elevated bridge connections and open space for passive recreation; 530 trees adorn the landscaped pathways for walking and jogging.

3   Schuylkill Banks   This riverfront trail and greenway, spanning eight miles through the heart of Philadelphia, is an ideal spot for both locals and tourists. Aside from a wide range of activities such as fishing, skating, bike riding, picnicking, and kayaking, visitors to Schuylkill Banks can also enjoy a peaceful and serene walk alongside the impressive Schuylkill River. Schuylkill Banks was voted Best Urban Trail in the country by USA Today.

4   University of Pennsylvania   Located in the heart of University City, the University of Pennsylvania is a sprawling, vibrant Ivy League campus that is internationally regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Founded by Benjamin Franklin, UPenn draws students from all around the world to learn from its renowned research and academic programs.

5   Philadelphia Cathedral  The Church of the Savior, originally built in 1855, was redesigned by Charles Burnes, Jr., in 1889 and rebuilt in 1906 after a fire destroyed most of the original structure. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, it was named the first Cathedral of the Pennsylvania diocese in 1992. The 2002 renovation removed the pews to create space consistent with the earliest Christian buildings in design and purpose: a space for worship, community, protection and inspiration.

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