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Sunset Ranch

A new feature of the AKA Live It Program.  Residents of AKA Beverly Hills can take a guided Los Angeles horseback-riding trip through the Hollywood Hills with Sunset Ranch. 
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"I'll let you be in my dreams if you let me be in yours." Bob Dylan

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Who better to create the soundtrack to your life than you?

AKA and Scratch DJ Academy have partnered to help you capture the power of music and create your own soundtrack through personalized learn-to-DJ packages.

Founded in 2002 by Rob Principe, Reg E. Gaines, and the late Jam Master Jay, Scratch DJ Academy opens the doors to amateurs and enthusiasts interested in the growing DJ and music production art form. Scratch DJ Academy has created several programs for AKA guests that will allow you to create your own music mix with private one-on-one instruction from some of the music world’s most well known DJs. Gain exclusive VIP access to some of New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia’s best clubs and bars and see your DJ instructor spin. If your dreams include music, Scratch DJ Academy could make your dream a reality.

Thinking about hosting a party in the terraced Penthouse Suite at AKA Central Park? Scratch Music will help find you the right DJ who understands your musical tastes.