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N2 Growth Blog

Companies That Get It

March 16, 2007
By Mike Myatt

Today marks the launch of a new category on the N2growth Blog…Companies That Get It. Since I tend to frequently rant about companies that don't get it I thought it only fair to spend a bit of time in praise of those that do. I will not comment on existing client companies and I will not accept any form of compensation to induce coverage. So moving forward when I happen upon a company that conducts its business in exceptional fashion and/or is innovative in its approach I will give them recognition as a company that gets it…

I don't plan on giving much attention to the Fortune 500 as most of them really don't get it, and those that do are already on everyone's radar screen. Therefore I'll use this platform to give exposure to companies that not only deserve it, but that will also benefit from it. Today's inaugural inductee is AKA which is a provider of luxury apartments used as extended stay executive housing.

Anyone who travels as much as I do has undoubtedly come to the same realization about most hotels that I have…Good ones are hard to come by. While I'm a Starwood preferred member and generally choose Westin as my hotel of choice I also have been known to frequent a few of the upscale boutiques. That being said, I'm always left a bit under-whelmed. When you spend a great deal of time on the road hotels are not frivolous expenses but rather strategic business choices. If you're anything like me I look for great locations, security, a bit of anonymity ("aka"), outstanding service, abundant amenities and most of all a staff that understands the business needs of executives. Aka gets it…

Aka is a very upscale extended stay corporate housing provider. These are not hotels mind you, but distinctive, fully furnished luxury apartments. Each of their nine existing properties are exceptionally well located. They have 5 New York locations, 2 Pennsylvania properties and 2 more locations in the Washington DC area. My only complaint is that they don't have a broader footprint but that will likely take care of itself in time. For now if you happen to be traveling in the geographies mentioned above I would highly recommend their properties.

Aka properties have the best in executive concierge services, spa-like fitness centers and spacious rooms much larger than typical hotel rooms. The rooms also have luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Some of the properties have private balconies with great views and all properties have complementary high-speed internet access and free local phone calls.

Next time your in New York, Philly or DC give them a try because Aka is a company that gets it…


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