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    Spectacular NEW Lounge at AKA Times Square

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New York Times 

Where Luxury Services Residences Feel Like Home
by Elizabeth Olson

When Tom Cataldi had to leave his hurricane-damaged house in Philadelphia in September, he was definitely not up for camping out, even temporarily. He wanted all the comforts of home in his new lodgings — and more, with no distractions.“I had to oversee the repairs, but I also had to do my job,” said Mr. Cataldi, 44, human resources manager for a global investment company, whose house walls were buckling from rain dumped by Hurricane Irene.

So he headed nearby, to the sort of quiet, luxurious digs preferred by celebrities, actors and other affluent people seeking privacy, comfort and a generous dollop of pampering, whether they are working away from home, divorcing, renovating or relocating. He checked into a condominium-like residence on Rittenhouse Square, run by Korman Communities to cater to those who can afford well more than $200 a night for long periods and do not want to stay in a hotel.

Mr. Cataldi has breakfast at the first-floor cafe and leaves the cleaning — and the luxurious sheets — to the maid service. He can work out in the building’s fitness center, stop in at its social gatherings or, for an extra charge, avail himself of wine tutorials or other lifestyle courses arranged by the staff. And since Mr. Cataldi has no lease, he can leave whenever he wants. Read more >