NYC Restaurant Week

If you are looking to enjoy the many wonderful restaurants that New York has to offer, Restaurant Week is the perfect way to see them all without breaking the bank.


New York

Performance Program at MoMA
Theatrical and staged elements have been a key feature of visual art throughout the 20th century. Movements like Futurism, Dada and Bauhaus employed theater, dance, music and poetry with live or broadcast performances to engage audiences.
STOMP has been a percussive favorite since 1994, performed by dancers creating complex rhythms with brooms, sticks, matchboxes, garbage cans and their own bodies.


Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins is the story of a mysterious nanny who magically appears at the Banks household in Edwardian London to care for Jane and Michael Banks.
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a tale of Ebenezer Scrooge. We all know this grumpy old miser’s response to holiday cheer is “Bah, Humbug.” Scrooge is a bitter old man who can no longer feel joy or affection, even for his family.
Eastern State Penitentiary Daytime Historic Site Tours
Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guarded towers. Admission includes The Voices of Eastern State Audio Tour.


Walking Tour: Art and Culture
People know Beverly Hills for shopping, dining and the celebrities, who regularly enjoy the city’s amenities, but many people are surprised to learn how much art, architecture and cultural attractions there are. Take a walk and enjoy the vast (and photo-worthy) collection of public art, art galleries and architectural gems.
Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market
Held weekly, the Beverly Hills outdoor certified Farmers’ Market offers the finest in California-grown fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, juices, breads, flowers and specialty items in the festive outdoor street setting.
Chivalry in the Middle Ages
This exhibition traces chivalry through its many manifestations—from courtship to hunting to jousting to war. With lavish illustrations celebrating the visual splendor of elite life, these manuscripts played a central role in promoting the tenets of chivalry, many of which have shaped the values of our own culture.
In Focus: Tokyo
Although a kaleidoscopic vision would seem to be required to represent the hypereal megalopolis of Tokyo, the four Japanese photographers in this exhibition have found a way to portray their city at a human scale.
Ancient Luxury and the Roman Silver Treasure from Berthouville
Accidentally discovered by a French farmer in 1830, the spectacular hoard of gilt-silver statuettes and vessels known as the Berthouville Treasure was originally dedicated to the Gallo-Roman god Mercury.
AFI Fest
The American Film Institute’s annual celebration of international cinema from modern masters and emerging filmmakers, AFI Fest features nightly red-carpet galas, special screenings, conversations and tributes.


The Regent Street Motor Show
This unique free-to-view London motor show in one of the Capital’s most famous streets features over 300 cars spanning 125 years of motoring from the earliest 19th Century veterans to the 21st Century cars of the future.
The Lord Mayor’s Show
From vibrant samba dancing to military marching bands, the legendary Lord Mayor’s Show offers a host of entertainment as it winds its way through the heart of London. This show dates back to 1215, when King John granted a charter allowing the citizens of London to elect their own mayor.
Remembrance in London
Each year in November, the United Kingdom remembers the men and women who gave their lives in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts.
EFG London Jazz Festival
One of the UK’s landmark musical celebrations, the EFG London Jazz Festival has long been acclaimed for delivering a mixture of world-class artists and emerging stars, and energizing audiences both new and old.