Personal Surf Lessons in Los Angeles - AKA Beverly Hills

Sunset Ranch

A new feature of the AKA Live It Program.  Residents of AKA Beverly Hills can take a guided Los Angeles horseback-riding trip through the Hollywood Hills with Sunset Ranch. 
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Personal Surf Lessons (AKA Beverly Hills)
If AKA residents are interested in water sports, well-known surf instructor and fitness expert Sergio Peñaloza offers private surfing lessons in LA on the shores of Santa Monica so residents can learn to shred some waves while here. The lesson starts with a sand lesson to get used to standing up and properly lying down on the board. Sergio will go over the paddling technique and how to control the surfboard, as well as how to stay safe in the water. Enthusiasts will learn how and when to “pop up” while riding the waves. After a stretch session, it's time to head out and hit the waves.