Spend A Week or Longer in New York City

Experience a New York City trip like no other. Whether strolling through a blooming Central Park, enjoying al fresco dining in Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods, or visiting a Broadway show, your visit will guarantee a fresh new perspective on all NYC has to offer.

A Tall Glass Building


  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - A must-see for anyone visiting New York City, whether it be the first time or the fiftieth. Located on the iconic Upper East Side, this timeless classic is always on the forefront of the most interesting new exhibits.
  • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt - A new global experience, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt will forever change how you view New York City. Located on the top three floors on one of Manhattan's tallest skyscrapers, SUMMIT will give you the views of a lifetime.
  • Hudson Yards - Welcome to the newest West Side destination hotspot. Built as a multi-functional space to live, work, and play, Hudson Yards boasts some of NYC's most luxury shopping and dining, all along the Hudson River.
  • ARTECHOUSE - NYC's most innovative experiences can be found at ARTECHOUSE, where art, science, and technology combine to create something truly immersive. Featuring a rotating calender of seasonal art, plan to spend at least an hour getting lost in this moving gallery.
  • The High Line – Make your way out of Midtown, and head south via The High Line. Repurposed from an old elevated subway line, The High Line weaves throughout the west side, with embellished greenery, spot to sightsee, and interesting summer programming.

A Plate Of Food On A Table


  • The Polo Bar - what's life without a little Lauren? Inspired by iconic designer, Ralph Lauren, the Polo Bar features a menu of American cuisine that features some of his personal favorites. The perfect place to step out, in style.
  • Marea - Keep it fresh, with a trip to Midtown mainstay, Marea. This Michelin-starred NYC favorite is heavily influenced by high-end Italian cuisine, with a focus on seafood. Make your reservations prior to your trip, as this popular spot is frequently booked up.
  • Mari - Continue on your Michelin-starred food tour with a stop at Korean restaurant, Mari. Located in buzzy Hell's Kitchen, our recommendation is to try the delicious Korean-style skewers - it'll leave you wanting more.
  • Rowdy Rooster - Fried chicken lovers, we hear you. Pop down to the East Village, and slip into Rowdy Rooster's tiny outpost. Inspired by spices drawn from India, the different tiered fried chicken is hot on everyone's minds.

A Close Up Of A Stone Building


  • Central Park - NYC's urban oasis acts as a multi-purpose venue - with places to picnic, exercise, or merely meander. Steeped in history, Central Park is a favorite for both visitor and local.
  • Sky-High Yoga at New York Edge - Welcome the morning, find your flow at Sky High Yoga. Located at the Edge with Equinox, this unique location will provide you with space to sweat, and views for days.
  • NYRR RUN Center - The NYRR RUNCENTER community helps bring to life NYRR’s mission to help and inspire people through running. 
  • MNDFL - MNDFL’s three locations are calming and bright, appointed in neutral grays punctuated by blond woodwork and the vibrant green of healthy houseplants and vertical gardens. Classes come in 12 categories, emphasizing things like breath, mantra, emotions, or intention. 

Patti LuPone Standing On A Stage


  • Broadway Week – Every year, NYC & Company offers 2-for-1 Broadway tickets during NYC Broadway Week. Be sure to grab your tickets ahead of your trip for the best seats – visit our Theater District page for more information on the latest shows. 
  • Grand Central Terminal – A must-visit, this iconic terminal features a secret on its lower floors. Head down the ramps on the main terminal to experience the Whispering Gallery, an area where you can talk into a corner of a wall and have a full conversation with someone on the other side, without being right next to them.
  • Rockefeller Center – Known for its iconic Christmas tree in the winter, this year Rockefeller Center is turning its ice skating rink into a roller-skating venue – Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace!
  • Little Island – A floating island along Hudson River Park, Little Island features plenty of outdoor greenspaces and breathtaking views of the NYC skyline, as well as a variety of year-round cultural programming