Rittenhouse Square Apartment Design - AKA
  • I am a big fan of AKA. I have stayed at three AKA's, two in New York and now here in Philadelphia. I love AKA!

    Jennifer Lawrence

AKA believes that the pursuit of innovative design is integral to the quality of our guests’ travel experience.

original architect: mcilvain and roberts, 1912
penthouse collection design: nicholas cardone, 2016
sky suite design: edward asfour, asfour & guzy architects, 2016
architectural style: beaux arts renaissance revival
lobby renovation, architect: studio intramuros, joan pierpoline, 2007
lobby art: grimanesa amoros, between heaven & earth, human survival, 2007
common areas architect: stanev potts architects, 2007
suite and hallway interior design: nicholas cardone, 2007
graphic identity: fluxism.com
a.kitchen design and architecture: edward asfour, asfour & guzy architects, 2011

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