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AKA Rittenhouse Square Design Details

About Our Design Partnerships

AKA believes innovative design is integral to the quality of our residents’ experiences, and we have carefully chosen partners who share our passion and commitment to design, functionality and overall comfort. Aligned with our goal to make you feel at home, while allowing you space to conceive new ambitions, our design elements keep you both inspired and calm, engaged yet relaxed.

AKA Rittenhouse Square Design:

Original architect: McIlvain and Roberts, 1912
Penthouse Collection design: Nicholas Cardone, 2016
Sky Suite design: Edward Asfour, Asfour & Guzy Architects, 2016
Architectural style: Beaux Arts Renaissance Revival
Lobby renovation, architect: Studio Intramuros, Joan Pierpoline, 2007
Lobby art: Grimanesa Amoros, between heaven & earth, human survival, 2007
Common areas architect: Stanev Potts Architects, 2007
Suite and hallway interior design: Nicholas Cardone, 2007
Graphic identity: design and architecture: Edward Asfour, Asfour & Guzy Architects, 2011

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