Times Square Suites New York City - AKA Times Square Design
  • We never have to look further than our own Times Square backyard for excellent accommodations, service, and ultimate convenience. AKA treats all of our VIPs like stars!

    Michael Clarkston

AKA believes that the pursuit of innovative design is integral to the quality of our guests’ travel experience.

original architect: george keister, 1893-94 
historically certified 
lobby design: piero lissoni/by lissoni, 2015
video art, lobby: monika bravo, rhapsody, 2008
a.lounge: piero lissoni/by lissoni, 2015
interior design: nicholas cardone, 2007
furniture: design within reach 
photography: robert mahon, liberty series, 1983-2010
graphic identy: fluxism.com
penthouse collection: architects, stanev potts. interior design, Nicholas Cardone, 2016

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