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AKA Times Square Design Details

Meet Our Design Partners

In order to provide the exclusive, luxury experience our residents desire and deserve, AKA Times Square proudly partners with innovative designers and artists to create a unique and inspiring atmosphere. From artful lobby design to carefully curated video art and furniture selection, the AKA experience is both stunning and functional with thoughtful surprises and a focus on comfort. 

AKA Times Square Design Details:

Original architect: George Keister, 1893-94, historically certified
Lobby design: Piero Lissoni/BY Lissoni, 2015
Video art, lobby: Monika Bravo, rhapsody, 2008
a.lounge: Piero Lissoni/BY Lissoni, 2015
Interior design: Nicholas Cardone
Photography: Robert Mahon, liberty series, 1983-2010
Graphic identy:
Penthouse collection: Architects, Stanev Potts. Interior Design, Nicholas Cardone, 2017

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