DAYS FIVE/SIX : Salvatori Stone

Several days later, we went to Milan to visit with Gabriele Salvatori, co-owner of Salvatori Stone.

A portrait of Gabriele Salvatori in his Milan showroom with various stone pieces they produce. On the wall is a stone with a unique surface cut called "Raw". Salvatori also produces a range of lighting and tables in their refined stones.

Salvatori is an innovator in luxurious bathroom design.

Adjacent to the showroom, Gabriele’s Milan apartment isn’t just an oasis fit for a designer; word has it that during Salone del Mobili design week, this is the location of the best parties in town.

Three hours south of Milan, in Tuscany, Salvatori’s production facility is located in the small town of Pietrasanta. Located on the last foothills of the Apuan Alps, this town is famous for its marble and bronze—located near the famous quarries of Carrara.

Large blocks of stone are moved down winding mountain roads by truck. The stone will be cut to size at the production facility at the foot of the mountains. In the top left, technicalities are discussed at the quarry where famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo gathered stone for his iconic works. In the top right, the interior of a quarry where slabs of stone are cut and removed.

At the Salvatori yard, where stone awaits production. Large slabs of stone will be fabricated into tiles and fixtures of all shapes and sizes.

Gabriele inspects a tile that has just been cut down to the exact thickness specified for a custom project.

A tile with Salvatori’s trademark Raw surface finish. The company is known for its unique surface finishes, often created in collaboration with architects.

It’s easy to think of stone as a commodity. After visiting the quarries of Carrara and the production facilities of Salvatori, it’s immediately apparent that it’s so much more than that. Every natural material sourced from the quarries has varying qualities; to ensure a high-quality product, artisans much select and finish each piece of stone by hand in order to uphold the reputation of this marble around the world.