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Own Making A Change and Own The New Behavior

Create positive habits and encourage new, healthier behavior during your stay at AKA with “Own It!: Own Making a Change & Own the New Behavior.” Designed to help guide you towards a more positive and uplifting lifestyle, this comprehensive program encourages development of mind, body, and soul.


  • Move from gazing at online photos to taking them with professional photographer, Jill Lotenberg. Snapping photos allows you to see the world through a lens other than the lens of social media. Benefits to photography are plentiful; you’ll be feeling more creative, motivated and mindful of your surroundings. 
  • Floral design classes at  Flower School New York will keep your hands too occupied to be checking your mobile screen. Flowers have a positive impact on our emotional health.  You’ll feel your creativity flowing and a deeper connection to nature, something we are missing when our faces are glued to our phones’ radio frequencies.
  • Consultation with celebrity trainer Amie Hoff. Amie is dedicated to improving people’s lives through fitness with customized workouts that fit your needs and that you’ll be able to implement on your own.
  • Boxing-inspired, group fitness workout at RUMBLE, incorporates the best principles of boxing, strength training and metabolic conditioning to help stimulate the mind and body.
  • 3-in-1 wellness experiences at Aqua Studio, where aqua-cycling classes provide a saltwater massage, cardio and strength training, as well as healing therapy. 
  • Shock yourself into a fitness routine at Shock Therapy Fitness NYC where strength and metabolism classes will give you mood-boosting, muscle-toning and fat-burning results that will make you want to keep up the good work and feeling.
  • Daily meditation classes with MNDFL at MNDFL or in your suite to embark on a Zen-filled journey that will help you enter a state of deep relaxation, reduce stress and develop mindfulness.
  • Two appointments at WTHN, New York City’s favorite modern acupuncture and healing studio, where a menu of services will help relax your mind, restore balance, and enhance your sleep and overall well-being.

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