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AKA University City

AKA University City Design Details

The Innovators and Inspiration Behind Our Aesthetic

Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, with interiors and amenities from Lissoni Associati, AKA University City at Cira Centre South has a prominent place in the Philadelphia skyline — and the highest views of any residential building in the city. In a forward-thinking approach to engaging different tastes and preferences, the furnished residences here maintain a unified style, though each residence varies slightly, evoking different moods and emotions. Variations range from furniture and lighting to distinct upholstery and fabrics, and these subtle differences afford residents the opportunity to find their own personal space that feels most like home.

The decor here embodies timeless elegance and sophistication and showcases the finest materials in the world. The Lissoni team spent hours with Italy’s leading furniture manufacturers to hand-select the highest-quality materials and textiles — from the distinct patterns of wood grain to the specific types of wool, linen, and cotton. Sculptural, intimate lighting from Italy’s top manufacturers is a key component to Lissoni’s distinctive design, and sets the mood of each space.

Building architectural firms: Pelli Clarke Pelli and BLTa