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AKA Sabbatical Retreat

Discover tranquility with the AKA Sabbatical Retreat at AKA Sutton Place. Perfect for the discerning traveler who values peace and comfort in the heart of the city, the AKA Sabbatical Retreat includes a luxurious 30-night stay in a sophisticated suite, an exclusive mindfulness workshop with Marianna Cuomo Maier of Grata Wellness, and tickets to the Guggenheim or Metropolitan Museum of Art. Guests also receive an AKA baseball cap, a journal, and a disposable camera to capture and document their enriching experiences.

Offer Includes:

  • 30-night stay at AKA Sutton Place
  • Private workshop (meeting 3 times over the stay) on mindfulness from Marianna Cuomo Maier of Grata Wellness 
  • Two (2) Tickets to the Guggenheim Museum or Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • A special welcome basket of AKA gifts, including an AKA baseball cap, journal to document goals and dreams, and a disposable camera to document your journey

For more information, please contact spfrontdesk@stayaka.com