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AKA x Gentry Jackson

Gentry Jackson revolutionizes travel and redefines adventure. It is a wildly different brand—an elite producer of one-of-a-kind journeys. Gentry Jackson designs, produces and manages your adventure or fitness program on the most personal level, working with you from inception to conclusion. They empower clients, taking them to places in the world—and within themselves—they never thought possible. All skill levels are welcome in the Gentry Jackson family; it's the desire to seek and achieve that matters. 

Tourists watch through windows, travelers engage firsthand, but adventurers dream of what might be and make it a reality. At AKA, residents’ perspective on adventure will be positively transformed through a personalized Gentry Jackson itinerary. More than just an escape, Gentry Jackson's unique experiences are an aspirational bridge to an extraordinary way of living. 

The Gentry Jackson LIVE IT! Experience Features: 

Rock Climbing in Malibu, one of California’s most iconic settings, is a favored destination

Stairway to the Stars hike, winding up a series of “secret” stairs and trails leading to the doorstep of iconic Griffith Observatory featuring Los Angeles' best panoramic view. 

Personal Training, Mobility and Restorative Sessions,  accessible to all and flexible enough to accommodate all ages and fitness levels.

For more information, please contact liveit@stayaka.com.