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At AKA, you’re not merely passing through. Your room is your residence — as comfortable as home, and enhanced with thoughtful touches. It’s all coupled with the hospitality, service and style of an intimate hotel. A balance that’s truly the best of both worlds.

Let us welcome you for short or long stays. You’ll find all you need for business, or simply getting away. Our Hotels and Hotel Residences are for those that live to travel. And travel to live. Because when you feel like you’re at home, you can get work done, without working too hard. And you feel like you’ve escaped, yet still experience the welcome feeling of familiarity.

Which of our destinations will you call home next?

AKA Hotel Residences

Find rest when you're more than just a guest.

This is what long-stay dreams are made of, whether you’re visiting for a week, a month or longer. Walk into a kitchen stocked with your favorite foods. Entertain a few friends or colleagues in the living area. Slip under luxury linens for an undisturbed night’s sleep. Then ask yourself: Has it ever been easier to spend time away?

AKA Hotels

Escape to infinitely livable spaces.

Our hotels feel like home — and still have all the amenities your traveling heart desires. Think: locally loved cafes and restaurants. Techno-gym fitness centers where you can sneak in your morning steps. Living-room-style lounges where you can get wired for work or just relax. Thoughtfully designed rooms with residential touches. That’s just the start.

“The ethereal essence of AKA is to create a sense of calm and to nurture an ambiance that makes our guests feel at home. AKA resonates anew as today’s traveler is staying longer and seeking a self-sufficient sanctuary where you can prepare a meal in your own kitchen, work from your own living room, and relax in the comfort of your own residence. Just as we respect the architectural integrity of our buildings, we celebrate the spirit of our neighborhoods, providing authentic experiences for our residents. AKA is owned and operated by the Korman family, whose traditions have evolved through five generations of residential real estate innovation. The ethos of our past adds depth, breadth, and character to who we are and our unique approach to hospitality. Home has always been about where the heart is and we continue to put our heart into every one of our residences.”

Larry Korman

President, AKA 

Don't Just Visit - Live It!

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of learning or doing, but never had the chance? AKA’s popular LIVE IT! Program provides AKA residents with a unique opportunity to develop new skills and talents during their future stay.

As you plan your upcoming travel itinerary, we have compiled a list of new attractions, outdoor activities and cultural events in each of our iconic destinations. Let us help stimulate your mind, entertain your spirit, and ensure you never have to put your life on hold when away from home.

Discover a selection of activities you can enjoy when you stay with AKA.